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Lake Cascade

Purgatory Fence Company provided inspection and fence maintenance services  for Lake Cascade.

Created in 1949 for hydroelectric power and irrigation purposes, Lake Cascade is a reservoir operated by the US Bureau of Reclamation that also provides flood control, recreation and fish and wildlife habitat. When the reservoir is full, there are 26,307 acres of surface water in Lake Cascade and 86 miles of shoreline. The reservoir extends 21 miles and is 4.5 miles wide at its widest point. The northern end of the reservoir is located near the confluence of the North Fork of the Payette River, the Gold Fork River, Boulder Creek, and Lake Fork Creek. The only island in the reservoir is Sugarloaf Island, which rises 140 feet above the high water line and is approximately 100 acres in size.

The reservoir is an important recreation resource in the region, especially for residents of the Boise metropolitan area. The reservoir is one of the most heavily fished waters in the state, with species including Rainbow and Brown Trout, Coho and Kokanee Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead Catfish, and Yellow Perch.

As Idaho’s population has grown and development has taken root in locations once considered wilderness areas, the Bureau of Reclamation finds itself working to strike a balance between the needs of people and its role as stewards of public resources. Fencing around Lake Cascade is designed to provide access for recreationist and migrating animals, while also defining public and private land boundaries. Fencing includes post and rail sections, as well as electrical and barbed wire. Recreationist are able to pass through pedestrian openings and snowmobile access gates with a minimum of hindrance. The fences are also designed to permit easy access for migrating game animals. The fencing also keeps range cattle out of the Cascade Reservoir.

Fenced areas run from south to north and includes Boulder Creek, Gold Fork, Lake Fork, and Dawn Drive areas.

The Project
The Cascade Fence Maintenance Contract was first awarded in 2004 as a regular maintenance contract. When the contract was awarded, it was apparent that the previous contractor did not perform any maintenance at all. It took over 2 years to get these 22 miles of fence back into good working order. This was a four-year contract.

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