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Case Study | U.S Coast Guard
Linear Induction Security
 Gate Installation

Purgatory Fence Company procured and installed the Linear Induction Security Gate  Operator at the West Coast U.S. Coast Guard Station.

The U.S. Coast Guard's mission: To safeguard our nation’s maritime interests in many area's of our country and around the world, at sea or in port; at home or around the globe. This may be the mission of the Coast Guard, but it takes 42,000 men and women to protect the maritime economy, environment,  defend our maritime shores and save those in need at sea or on dry land. Today’s U.S. Coast Guard, is responsible for much more than Coast Guards of centuries ago.

This Guard station, located on the west coast, provides a wide variety of services to support Coast Guard activities in a multitude of locations up and down the west coast. Among these services are local area housing, warehousing, health care needs,  and personnel support services for the enlisted and family members.

Over the past few years the Coast Guard  has invested approximately $30 billion in major repair projects,  geared to modernize the service’s to ships, boats, aircraft, command, control, communication, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The process of modernizing older property is essential in order to carry out the overall mission of the Coast Guard.  Fundamentally, it will help ensure our nation’s maritime security, save lives, and aide in enforcing our nation’s laws and treaties.


The Project
This west coast U.S. Coast Guard station needed a new security gate installed, which would meet the everyday demand of a base entrance station.  The new gate and operator had to be functional, durable, withstand being opened and closed multiple times throughout the day; plus function  through some of the worst weather conditions of the west coast. With the VMag Gate Operator System, the Coast Guard received exactly that. 

The Solution

Purgatory Fence Company installed the Linear Induction gate known as VMag with a new Tymetal gate.  The VMag slides up to 8 feet per second.  This effectively deters unauthorized access and the issue of multiple cars entering;  dramatically improving security measures.  The Coast Guard has been extremely pleased with how this security gate functions.

Installed Components
VMag Linear Induction Gate Operator,  Tymetal Gates, Keypads.


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