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Golden Gate National Cemetery

Purgatory Fence Company provides installation services for automating historic gates at  Golden Gate National Cemetery.

 In 1937 Congress authorized construction of Golden Gate National Cemetery, authorizing the first interments in 1941. The cemetery was officially dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1942. Golden Gate is one of a large group of U.S. Army planned cemeteries that started before World War II began, and ended in the 1940's. These cemeteries were designed to provide burial opportunities in locations around the nation in cities with very large Veteran populations.

Golden Gate National Cemetery is located in the city of San Bruno, Ca. just 12 miles south of San Francisco. Due to the nature of the name the Golden Gate National Cemetery is always being confused with San Francisco National Cemetery, which dates to the 19th century, and is in that city’s Presidio and offers a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1937, San Francisco residents voted to no longer build cemeteries within the city proper, and as a result, the site for the new national cemetery was selected just south of the city limits.Over the years  the VA has tried to expand the cemetery to offer more burial sites to veterans, but were met with resistance from local residents, so it has remained at its original 161 acres since 1941.

Golden Gate National Cemetery has become the final resting place for many military officers and enlisted alike.  Just to name a few of the buried at Golden Gate, it would include one of America’s most well known naval officers—Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, plus a number of distinguished officers who served under him. Also buried here are 44 German and Italian prisoners-of-war, who died as POW's, originally buried at the POW Camps and were relocated after the camps shut down operation..

The Challenge
The Golden Gate National Cemetery is  currently closed to new interments. However, the only interments that are being accepted, are subsequent burials for veterans or  family members (who are eligible), in an existing gravesite. During the installation process, PFC worked with the cemetery coordinator, to insure that any construction that would be allowed, would not be disrespectful during a service at the cemetery chapel, and should be scheduled for a more approprate time.  

The Solution
Purgatory Fence Company (PFC) is owned by veterans and has veteran employees as well.  This particular project was managed by one of our veteran employees, so utilizing all for the proper military burying was simple.  During times the utmost quiet needed to occur, PFC would work with quiet hand tools or dig trenches for electrical power units.

This project required that the historic gates of the National Cemetery be retrofitted with automated gates and a push button gate operator.  This system in its, entirety made the cemetery easier to contol traffic during closing hours, and insured that visitors were never locked in the facility.

Installed Components
Hy-security gate operators, electrical, push button key pad, paving,  and cement.


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